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Strategy of Working on Value chain

Livelihood intervention is considered as one of the strategy of working with poor, to bring them out of poverty trap. Intervention is going on in different area on productivity enhancement like SRI, Maize productivity enhancement, vegetable cultivation, soya productivity enhancement, and other innovative work like Alovera Cultivation, Horticulture Work under Bari project supported by NABARD, Pomegranate Cultivation and many others. Under Livestock intervention around Dairy, Goat rearing and piggery are the other prominent areas, which add substantial income to poor family’s money box.

Impact of all these interventions, at the end depend on the price received by the farmers for her/his produce. Very few agencies have been able to intervene in the area of marketing. There are agencies which come forward for developing business plan for such intervention, but executing the same is real challenge.

Challenges / Risk which restrict most of the actor in the development sector to venture in this field are:

  1. Dilema of working for the poor or as per the market demand.
  2. Lack of skill which is required, for executing market led project.
  3. Orientation of working under Grant driven project, rather than loan based model.
  4. Lack of Human Resource, with orientation and mindset for implementing market oriented project.
  5. No experience of working on loan based model.
  6. Scale for reaching the breakeven
  7. No exposure to market and its working.

Based on above gaps as opportunity, GramShree will add value in ongoing work done by the different stake holder with focus on establishment of value chain, linking to market (with latest technology) and building the capacity of staff of NGO’s and Community institution, which can handle the work of their own.

1. Update of latest pricing of products across the market in India

Price play crucial role in overall profit for a farmers. All hard effort done on production goes in vain if farmers does not realise good price. Due to lack of knowledge of the price & its trend in different market, farmers are forced to sell their produce to the middle men in their vicinity.

GramShree ensure the availability of latest price of produce, indifferent market. It will also project the future trend based on the past trend and inflow of the produce. This will allow the farmers to take decision for holding or selling its produce to the market which is accessible and viable.

2. Establishment of value chain for collectivization in unreached areas

In India, still there are thousand of villages which are still unreached. Farmers residing in these areas are living very tough life in ensuring two meals of its families. Livelihood is limited, and areas where abundant of natural resources are available in the from of Non Timber Forest produce there are not able to get the price for the same due to non availability of market.

Many of the Civil Society organisation (CSO)/ NGOs are working with these families, through introduction of new technology in enhancing the agriculture production or introducing the new livelihood like dairy, goatry, horticulture, Floriculture and other. However they find difficulty in finding suitable market for the produce.

GramShree will provide the support in establishment of overall value chain for collectivization of single produce, so that breakeven volume can be reached to approach appropriate market, where farmers can get the good price of its produce. It involve setting of system of collection of produce at village level and further accumulating at a single procurement point from where it can be marketed. GramShree will provide support in setting each unit, route for procurement, central procurement unit, MIS system for procurement, and establishment of financial system for running such unit.

3. Value addition for increasing the shelf life of the product

Farmers which are into vegetable cultivation, horticulture, floriculture and diary are mostly forced to sell their produce at low price, due to its perishable nature.

GramShree will provide the technology and technical support in increasing the shelf life of the produce by moving to another level of value chain, which includes processing and development of bi-products with higher level of shelf life. GramShree with introduce technology which will include best cold chain solution for the product.

4. Reaching direct to the ultimate consumer

GramShree is long term vision is development of online platform, where farmers can directly display their products which can be accessed by the final consumer, traders and other stakeholders in the value chain.