Who We Are

Our Vision

Ensure, better price to farmers of their produce / products, through innovative marketing system & establishment of community owned and run Institution.

Our Mission

To establish, innovative marketing system to market the produce /products of poor, empowering poor, so that they can have direct access to market which enable them to realise optimum price of their produce. Establishment of web based online marketing platform for marketing of rural produce.


Founder of GramShree started his career as a development professional will passion of changing the rural India. With this dream joined one of pioneer NGO in development sector “SRIJAN”, worked in the villages 100 km interior from District Head Quarter, of Tonk District of Rajasthan. Stayed in one of village “ Duni for more than 5 years”, worked with the community directly, and faced the challenges, of wining the Trust of villagers, understanding their daily life, livelihoods and planning the intervention for change. Worked with more than 2,000 families across 40 villages, developed the cluster of dairy, built the whole value chain and linked around 1,200 families with this intervention. Milk marketing started, in the area where District Milk Union refused to open the milk route. Intervention got attention across the state and country, with the visit of World Bank wise president and President Mr. Robert Zellick in 2009. Left SRIJAN with heavy heart and joined Tata Trust.

During his tenure with Tata Trusts, he got opportunity to work with different NGOs and funding agency, he started feeling uncomfortable, seeing very little or negligible changes in life of poor families. During this time he got the opportunity to visit his own intervention in Tonk, he saw the two picture in the ground, he visited one of the villages named “ Sankhli” he was sad to see the pity picture of families , he had worked with them, had enjoyed the evening meal in the moon light. Families were living the similar life, which he saw 9 years ago. Other picture he saw in the villages like Gulabpura, Kharoi, standard of living has changed, families were sending their children to English medium school, and most of the families were keeping 2 buffalo and marketing milk in Maitree Dairy (Promoted during his tenure with SRIJAN).

He did the analysis of the both the situation, as what wrong went when they worked in these villages. He discussed with his better half, she was with him during his field day, and both of them had worked day and night in those villages. Finally it was concluded, villages which was linked with the value chain of dairy had progressed, while which were not covered seems too lagged behind.

With this realization, he tried to search for the organization which are in to establishment of value chain for benefiting poor, he found few organisation but most of them were in consulting mode, while with his own experience of setting up of value chain , he knew that setting and consulting are really different ball game. Hence with moto of setting of value chain which will benefit the poor families to come out of the poverty, he floated “GramShree”.